From Emy in Kimpese

143919We are fine, but it is very hot here. I do not have so much news, but still want to reply to your email.

We have completed an education, where we devoted a lot to ten participants. In addition, at temporary collections, we have announced important knowledge to a hundred people, but we have been unable to provide them with any certificates. They also want to have the syllabi.
The needs are great, but not the assets. This year we have a lot more to do, but we are preparing for further courses. Those who went the course were very interested and they pointed out that they learned a lot of value, which they did not know before. Some have started business, others have resumed and others have improved or expanded their business.
Everybody has the desire to receive support in the future, possibly in the form of loans.
Here we stand today, but the work continues


Report from Matadi

Report from Yapeco Bakala Massengo

Yapeco is teaching entrepreneurship

Yapeco is teaching entrepreneurship

I am very happy, for with the help of God all things are possible. I have completed a course with a group from my own congregation; entrepreneurial training with the FBS method, taught to me by Matadi Support Group.

For the first time I taught without electricity. Without electricity or a computer, I could not use the important educational tools, that is, the computer and the projector. The first day, we talked about the story behind FBS. We had two gatherings without electricity. On the final day, we had both electricity and a computer, but no projector. But everybody could see the pictures and the power points on the little screen, and the questions were well understood. In the beginning we were 22 persons, and at the end we were 28.

Today, I had the possibility to send some photos. Please, kindly receive my report of December 2017!

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E-mail from Yapeco

I am very pleased to send a greeting to you again.

We have now completed training for trainers, we started with 8 people and ended with 12. Everything went well, by God’s grace.

This Wednesday, the 14/12, to Saturday, we will conduct another course in Baobab and to finish this year we will also train a group of Nzadi. So looks the calendar that I can present to you now in terms of Matadi and training FBS in MSG.

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Report from Yapeco in Matadi

The coming trainers in Matadi

The coming trainers in Matadi

We are doing just fine and we hope that you all are doing well!

We have rented a place in Matadi in order to train teachers for Focus Business School. Some members have been selected to join the teacher training, including Mr. Rholly.

We started yesterday, on Wednesday November 16, and we expect to finish on Saturday. So the teaching  takes place in town, arranged by me and Rholly. We have also seen to that there is coffee and biscuits for the participants. Most of the participants have different positions of responsibility in the city. The teaching is conducted from 15:30 to 19:00 every day from Wednesday, 16/11 to Saturday, 19/11. I enclose a few photos from the first gathering. The political developments in our beautiful country worries us, as well as the economic development. Pray for us!



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Meeting with Madame Julienne Sengomona Yaba

Julienne, Astrid and Bernt are studing entrepreneurship

Julienne, Astrid and Bernt are studing entrepreneurship

On Monday evening, Solico had a meeting at the Embassy of Congo Brazzaville in Stockholm. Tonight’s guest was Julienne Sengomona Yaba from Point Noire. Bernt and I attended the meeting.

In the afternoon before the Solico meeting, Bernt and I had a meeting with Julienne and Astrid Stahlberg at the Hotel Birger Jarl. In our afternoon meeting as well as in the evening meeting, Julienn told us about her extensive work with the Savings bank for women in Pointe Noire. Julienne is the manager of the savings bank. The bank currently has 1,500 members. The purpose of the bank is to provide loans to members so that they can start and run businesses. The condition for getting a loan is to have saved money in the bank. You must show that you can save and set aside money to the bank. The ability to save is a good indication that the member will be able to pay her loans.

We believe that MSG’s activity with entrepreneurship training is an excellent supplement for this savings bank. Our four tools are: Education – business loans – contacts – monitoring. Education that provides knowledge – a prerequisite for entrepreneurship and money management.

An important prerequisite for successful entrepreneurship is to have both knowledge and access to money at a reasonable price.

Julienne seemed to be in very much in favour of our training and our hope is now that she starts an entrepreneurship education that will be offered to the members of the Savings bank for women in Point Noire.

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Entrepreneurship in Kimpese

En grupp lärare samtalar med entreprenörskap utifrån modellen FBS/MSG

A group of teachers discuss the FBS/MSG model of entrepreneurship education

Currently, there is a great interest in entrepreneurship. We must keep in mind that we are talking about the informal economy; these young people are unemployed and they live in a country where it is impossible for most people to get a job. Therefore, the implementation needs to be realistic and adapted to local conditions.


A class with som of the people who are intrested in entrepreneurship



A well orchestrated entrepreneurship can change the living conditions. For some time now, we apply a model of education for entrepreneurship, Focus BUSINESS SCHOOL with MSG, Matadi Support Group




I want to thank everyone who in one way or another support our activities. Please, receive our heartfelt gratitude. Our desire is to help those who want to contribute to building a better world.

Emy Miantezila Mbeye

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This is happening in Kimpese



The children, after a gathering

We work with children who have problems, and children who are a problem to society. With “the society”, we mean the family and the environment – everything that affects people in a positive or negative direction. Our target group are those who have been exposed to negative influences. We aim to give them positive influences andguide them in a positive direction.

There are many children who can not go to school becau


Distribution of school supplies

se of the lack of money for school fees. They start school at the beginning of the school year, but they might have to stop during the year; about a third of all pupils at primary and secondary school never complete the school year. When we are asked for help, we make a selection. If the pupils we choose show dedication to their education, we support them with school fees until they finish high school. Sometimes we get requests from far away.


A child receives malaria medication

Another category are the children who are abandoned by their families, the so called “street children”. We start by getting to know them, then we support them, and finally we take care of them. We give them food, clothing and shelter. We let them go to school and some of them learn a handcraft. We also take responsibility for their health. Most importantly, we teach them to read and write in order for them to be able to move on in life.


Literacy for street children


We work with farming for unemployed adolescents, but sometimes they also get the chance to learn other professions.





A school our children go to

Often, the children themselves contact us directly; sometimes we get suggestions from others, like for example managers in schools, who ask us to help talented children who can not afford to pay their fees.




Some children receive a meal

Often, the children themselves contact us directly; sometimes we get suggestions from others, like for example managers in schools, who ask us to help talented children who can not afford to pay their fees.




Computer and internet education

We work with parents or other family members of children and adolescents. Schools also cooperate with us in order to facilitate the work to support the students.




We get support from AFCD to help malnourished children










One of the street children learns how to lay bricks using the equipment he has been given



We work to raise awareness among the children so that they can feel useful in society. To reinforce this, we have started to build houses. We have, however, been delayed, because the manufacturer of the doors has let us wait for seven months.


 Ce bâtiment servira à loger les enfants en bonne sécurité car certains vont à l’école, ils ont besoin d’une sécurité des biens des objets scolaires et autres.

In this house, some of the children will live. They need the house to keep their school supplies and other belongings safe.



We continue with farming for unemployed adolescents, even if we have problems with climate change. With irrigation, we try to get harvests also during the low season.

These adolescents need money for their school fees and some need money to learn a trade.

Jordnötsfält under torrtiden

Peannut field durin the dry season






Peanut field during the dry season. Irrigation by means of an engine  KBE/APEDEM

Peanut field during the dry season. Irrigation by means of an engine KBE/APEDEM



I want to thank everyone who in one way or another support our activities. Please, receive our heartfelt gratitude. Our desire is to help those who want to contribute to building a better world.

Emy Miantezila Mbeye



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E-mail from Brazzaville

Alain Mbemba speaking about the situation in the Congo Brazzaville in june 2016

Alain Mbemba speaking about the situation in the Congo Brazzaville when visiting Sweden in june 2016

From Niosi Group in Brazzaville, Mr Mbemba writes

On October 17, 2016, we started entrepreneurial education from MSG’s Guide documentation adapted to Congolese conditions. 25 of the 31 notified persons participating in this round. Six people had no time to be with after all.

We have three education savings, then six trainers who are with at all times. We have made arrangements with a theologian who will give the biblical foundations of business, as well as someone who talks about microfinance and business rules in general.

Very interesting. The first day was Anne Sundberg with us and the day after Hans Norelius visited.
I will post photos soon.

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Two tracks at once

BIKONS styrelse

BIKONS styrelse

Last night I attended a board meeting of the organization BIKON. Bikon stands for Aid to Congo (BIstånd KONgo). We began the meeting with a meal, provided by BIKON’s treasurer Anders Nyström. Joseph Nsumbu gave us an update on the political development in Congo Kinshasa. There is a strong opposition to the government and in the middle of September, there was a big demonstration in Kinshasa. The purpose of the protests were to bring about a presidential election. There is great political turmoil in Congo at the moment. No one knows what will happen in the future.

BIKON supports orphanages and schools in vulnerable areas in Kinshasa and a street children operation in Kimpese. They also help poor families with school fees. BIKON has a big heart for children without support. BIKON is doing a good job and they give hope and optimism to many Congolese children and adults.

At the same time that we provide aid in the form of economical contributions, we must also consider how to stimulate contributions from within Congo. How do we go about to strengthen initiatives within the country that generates the foundation for the development of health care, educational opportunities and social care.

Entrepreneurship is a way out of poverty. The purpose of our entrepreneurial courses is to support the ability to generate the resources that are needed for the various needs of society. Becoming an entrepreneur means that one starts a business which gives the owner an income, and perhaps even make it possible for a number of employees to earn their livelihood.

Presently, MSG has planned activities through our associates in Matadi, Kimpese and Brazzaville, but the political turmoil has put a stop to the implementation of the courses in entrepreneurship at the moment.

In our relations with the Congo countries, I think it is important that we have two tracks running simultaneously. The aid track are for those who have an urgent need of help and the education in entrepreneurship is the track that develops resources from within the countries.

A long-term and sustainable development must stimulate and support the inherent resources of every Congolese citizen.

The objective of all aid must be to develop and create belief in the future.

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