Ongoing projects

We  try to connect the leaders  in Matadi, Kimpese and Luozi with companies in Sweden which have a developed knowledge in waste recovery. We have had meetings with management in these three cities.

Fourty people  from six different churches and confession in Matadi have joined our new education in entrepreneurship called “Focus Business School” The idea by this course is that the participants are going to be trainers for entrepreneurs in their different churches.

Eighty entrepreneurs in Luozi, Kimpese and Matadi have participated in our training called “The first sketch of a Business plan”. They are now running their different companies: Poultry farms, agriculture with plantation and raise pigs, trading with food, clothes, shoes, car service, drug store, café service and restaurant, transportation with goods and people.

Nsanda Group agricultural project is being realized. Through the family Nyambudi we have concession of 315  hectares land. So far we use 20 hectares for different plantation. The land is well suited for cultivation. We are growing peanuts, bean, corn, soya bean, cassava, pili-pili, pine apples, onions and we have planted 330 bananas trees. Now we are harvesting cassava.

Thirty people  have joined our training in Brazzaville, fifteen of them are also going to be trainers for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur programs for secondary school Baobab Church in Matadi, We have had four meetings with teachers, head master, assistant head master and the president in the school council. We hope they can start a company program at their school.

Family farm. Large land areas in Bas-Congo is suitable for cultivation. We are now investigating the possibility of Congolese and Swedish experts if it is possible to start family farming in these areas.

Manufacturing stoves heating by bio fuel, solar panels or wood in the Congo. If the Congolese women could replace their three stone with fire under the pot to a modern stove would mean that they saved environment, a lot of wood and time. That would mean also preventing the devastation of trees and forest.

Solar cells for Congo. Solar cells begin to come in the Congo. We have got the first delivery from Indonesia and it arrived to Congo at the midst of February, more advanced yet simple system at an affordable price for Congolese. We are selling the lamps in Kinshasa and Bas-Congo.

ECO house for Congo. We have designed a house which is equipped with bio gas plant and solar cells. The bio gas plant take care of the waste and transform it to methane gas to the cooking stove. The solar cells produce electricity to lamps, refrigerator radio, TV. mobile. This house is complete clean when using it. It is a real recycling house.

Teaching English. We are looking for teachers who wants to teach English for our contractors From the midst of June to the end of August the first voluntary teacher from Sweden will work in Matadi.      Contact us for more information

Fruit Processing Factory is planned in Luozi. A district with very good conditions for fruit growing. Bernt and Yngve has been asked to help with the design of the plant. They will also assist in finding financiers in Sweden and EU.

Hotels. Yapeco Bakala Massengo is building hotels in Matadi. Plan 1 is constructed. Capital requirements are $ 185 000. We are looking for financiers.

Volunteers for our different projects. We are looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in Congo.  In the year ahead we will star education of teachers in entrepreneurship.   Contact us for more information.